Monday, October 20, 2008

Team Nica Day 2

Today was another inspiring day! When we first arrived at the clinic this morning, there was already a substantial line of patients waiting to be seen.  Although we have not yet been successful getting the bags of medicine out of customs, we had a very busy day treating many patients in need of both medical and dental care.  Many on the team tried their hats assisting in dental extraction, taking blood pressure, and medical clinic administration.  Needless to say we were quite challenged but up for the task and very successful.  The need for medical care is overwhelming and treating the patients will fill a good portion of time over the next few days.  

Several members of our team also repaired the water tower behind the clinic, without the appropriate tools and a make shift ladder.  The tower on which the water tank sat was sagging and nearing collapse.  This tower serves as the main water source for the clinic and is an integral part of its operation.

The heavy rains today did not deter the children of El Crucero from having a great time playing soccer, doing arts and crafts and playing with their new American friends.  There was much laughter and joy on the faces of everyone.

Tomorrow we will continue our efforts in getting the medication out of customs and are hopeful that with the assistance of some local politicians, we will have all the meds out by noon and up to the clinic.   We will conduct medical clinic services again with the Doctor and the Dentist.  In addition tomorrow afternoon will be the first day of our soccer camp.  We will be handing out nearly 300 pairs of cleats and numerous soccer balls.  

In God's Blessings,

Team Nica

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Janna Horner said...

Wonderful pictures! You are ALL the hands and feet of Jesus! I'm praying that you continue to persevere in spreading His love to all that you serve! Those bags WILL get out of customs! With faith, Janna