Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Safe Travels

Many thanks to all of you who prayed for the team's safe travels. We were able to make our tight connection and returned home late Sunday night. We are so appreciative knowing that we have a dedicated prayer team including us in their conversations with our Savior.

Our trip was a tremendous success, highlighted by seeing the clinic lights beaming in the darkness. We can't wait to return and we look forward to sharing this most recent experience.

In God's love,
Team Nica

Sunday, March 8, 2009

...let there be light...

The clinic finally has power and lighting fixtures! The installation of 15 light fixtures and numerous outlets now provide light and power to every corner of the clinic. It was so great to see the clinic, a beacon in the night, all lit up in darkness and hurricane force winds. Yes, hurricane force winds last night. It does make you wonder how long the roof will last.

We also completed the construction of three, seven-foot benches to be used in the waiting area. The repainted Clinica Susie Syke sign was hung and the lower outside of the clinic was painted.

Many of you will remember pictures from our October trip. There was a picture of a 15-year old girl with her daughter wrapped up in car insulation. Yesterday, we returned to her home with a blanket for her daughter, a couple of shirts, and food.

It has been a quick, albeit successful trip. As we prepare to head home, we are already looking forward to returning and have a new list of projects. Thank you again for all of your support and we ask that you continue to pray for our safe travels.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Blustery Day in El Crucero

Much progress was made despite another windy day. There was activity in all corners of the clinic today - retrofitting existing doors, the continuation of the electrical buildout, signage repairs and painting, lock and hinge replacements, cabinetry construction, and several other renovations. See a portion of today's activity below:

Winds were again consistently 50 mph with periodic gusts even greater. This wind provided challenges, whether we were repairing the side of the roof, painting, or even during door repairs (as seen below).

Return to the blog tomorrow evening to see video footage of the clinics new lighting system.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Building the Faith

Today was a tremendous success.  We replaced several door hinges that have corroded due to the sulfuric air and built a new door inside the pharmacy.  The electrical framework has been installed and ready for the finishing touches.  A new project has been undertaken as there is an urgent need for roof repairs.  When we arrived, there was a two-foot hole in one portion of the roof with smaller holes in other parts.  Supplies have been purchased, and God willing, this project will be completed tomorrow.  Our challenge today was the 50 mph wind that was relentless and we pray that it subsides for tomorrow's task.

This afternoon, we visited the local orphanage to donate fleece blankets.  The welcome we received - open arms, playful banter, and faces full of joy were such a blessing for our eyes to see.  We got to tour the facility, speak with the staff, and watch class being conducted.  

Tomorrow, we will complete the electrical buildout, roof repairs, and other maintenance projects.  Thanks again for all of you prayers and support.

We've attached a short video of the elements we dealt with today - enjoy, we did.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Members of our team have arrived in Managua, Nicaragua with a warm welcome from our friends.  We have a busy day planned for tomorrow as we begin electrical renovation and general maintenance.  We will also be working with the local officials to finalize a needed permit.  Good night and thank you for your support.

Construction Trip

Several members of our ‘Leadership Team’ will be traveling to Nicaragua in the coming week.  The purpose of this trip is renovation and construction.  We will be rewiring the electrical framework in order to provide better and more reliable electricity throughout the facility.  We will also be building out cabinets for storage, plumbing, and other general maintenance.  Please pray for safe travels and may God bless you and your family.

January's Success

After deep thought, lengthy conversations, and many prayers, we have established the Susie Syke Leadership Team.  The purpose of this Board is to show and spread the love of Christ and to empower and serve the people of El Crucero, Nicaragua.

The trip in January was a glowing success.  There was much groundwork that was achieved and many strategic relationships established.  Soon the clinic in El Crucero will be operational on a consistent basis.  There will be a general practitioner, dentist, and ophthalmologist in the clinic regularly.  Additionally, pharmacy services will be carried out.  We are very excited that soon, the clinic will be carrying out the healthcare needs for the community.   We have great aspirations for the clinic to be a focal point in El Crucero and this success will help us serve and empower the people in the community.