Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God is Great!

Our third day proved to be a wonderful success.  We spent the day at the clinic serving the needs of the villagers of El Crucero.  Part of our team arrived at the clinic at 8am to assist both the Doctor and the Dentist in seeing patients.  The remainder of the team arrived at the clinic at 10am to see a large line of villagers waiting for medical treatment.  The Doctor was able to see 72 patients and the Dentist was able to see 26 patients.  It was an amazing experience for the members of our team who were here last year to see the clinic in operation.  

While the Dentist was treating the last patient of the day, God provided an amazing provision.  The dentist was able to talk with the patient at length about his life and the many struggles he has had.  Through much discussion and prayer, the patient accepted Christ and committed to changing his life.  It was a true testimony to God's work and the purpose for our efforts.  The clinic has been blessed with the service of this Dentist; he is also a pastor and interested in not only treating their ailments but also witnessing to them for God.

We had team members who helped kids and adults make more crafts and spent time loving them as they waited to see the Doctor and Dentist.  We shared cookies and crackers with patients as they waited and prayed for their healing.  One of the team members scoured the countryside in an effort to find materials to repair the roof of the clinic - it was a success.

In the afternoon, a portion of the team headed to the local soccer field (actually a horse pasture) to conduct a soccer camp.  When we arrived and began to hand out the soccer cleats and equipment, there were 200+ children.  It proved to be quite a challenge to fit each one with cleats, but with the help of many local volunteers we were able to hand out all of the cleats and soccer equipment.  We spent several hours laughing, playing soccer and enjoying all of the smiling faces of all who participated. 

The Team appreciates all of your prayers and support, God Bless,
Team Nica

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