Saturday, October 25, 2008

Until Next Time

With God's blessings, your prayers, and our warriors on the ground, Randy and Sean, we were blessed with the release of our medical bags yesterday morning (Friday).  With this success, we were able to provide our ophthalmology outreach.  In four short hours, we were able to provide eyeglasses to over 70 community members - with hundreds more recipients in waiting.

Later in the afternoon, the team members were able to go out into the town and pass out 10 meal baskets to families designated by the local pastor, Pastor Luis.  This was truly a rewarding and memorable experience, providing us with special moments of interaction, prayer, laughter, and tears.

As we were leaving the clinic, there was a vibrant rainbow overhead - what a beautiful way for God to punctuate a special week for both our team, and our friends in El Crucero.  

Dios de Bendiga (God Bless You),

Team Nica 

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