Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It was another fantastic day!  Today was similar to yesterday in that we provided medical and dental care to those living in and around El Crucero.  Today, the people lined up early seeking care.  By the end of the day, we provided medical care to 70+ patients and dental care to nearly 30 patients.  We wish we could work round the clock to meet the needs of the community as there is much that is needed.  

Unfortunately, we are still seeking the release of our pharmaceuticals.  After each hurdle, we have been presented with yet another but are hopeful that our medicine will be released tomorrow.  
Day 2 of the soccer camp was filled with fun.  At any one time, we had four games going.  We were blessed in that the resident horses never had the desire to play.  One of our soccer highlights today was the fact that so many children wore the t-shirts, jersey's, shorts, socks, and shoes they were presented with yesterday.  They wore them with pride and joy.


Team Nica

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