Thursday, March 5, 2009

Building the Faith

Today was a tremendous success.  We replaced several door hinges that have corroded due to the sulfuric air and built a new door inside the pharmacy.  The electrical framework has been installed and ready for the finishing touches.  A new project has been undertaken as there is an urgent need for roof repairs.  When we arrived, there was a two-foot hole in one portion of the roof with smaller holes in other parts.  Supplies have been purchased, and God willing, this project will be completed tomorrow.  Our challenge today was the 50 mph wind that was relentless and we pray that it subsides for tomorrow's task.

This afternoon, we visited the local orphanage to donate fleece blankets.  The welcome we received - open arms, playful banter, and faces full of joy were such a blessing for our eyes to see.  We got to tour the facility, speak with the staff, and watch class being conducted.  

Tomorrow, we will complete the electrical buildout, roof repairs, and other maintenance projects.  Thanks again for all of you prayers and support.

We've attached a short video of the elements we dealt with today - enjoy, we did.



Sara Hendren said...

Hey Paja
U should put a video on the blog where u talk to us sorry i missed ur call. . . .

Sara Hendren said...

Update the blog u freak!