Sunday, March 8, 2009

...let there be light...

The clinic finally has power and lighting fixtures! The installation of 15 light fixtures and numerous outlets now provide light and power to every corner of the clinic. It was so great to see the clinic, a beacon in the night, all lit up in darkness and hurricane force winds. Yes, hurricane force winds last night. It does make you wonder how long the roof will last.

We also completed the construction of three, seven-foot benches to be used in the waiting area. The repainted Clinica Susie Syke sign was hung and the lower outside of the clinic was painted.

Many of you will remember pictures from our October trip. There was a picture of a 15-year old girl with her daughter wrapped up in car insulation. Yesterday, we returned to her home with a blanket for her daughter, a couple of shirts, and food.

It has been a quick, albeit successful trip. As we prepare to head home, we are already looking forward to returning and have a new list of projects. Thank you again for all of your support and we ask that you continue to pray for our safe travels.

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